10 Recommendations Gaming Fun for Kids Birthday Events

When the anniversary event will be more festive if there is a better game for a child’s birthday event. For that, there are some exciting games that can be tried. However, make sure the games are appropriate for their age.

Fun game set Idea for Kids Birthday Events

Try to do some exciting games the following ideas:

  1. Balloon erupted : All guests take each balloon, dekorasi balon ulang tahun then the balloon must be occupied to erupt. Who quickly he wins.
  2. Singing : Try to get them to sing, eg “My ballon There are five”, but all the vowels in songs and sung replaced with the vowel “O”.
  3. Games Coin : Set up and Throw liquid chocolate coins that must be taken by mouth. But be careful not to be swallowed yes.
  4. Throwing Ball : Make a ball of crumpled paper Old newspapers and encourage the child to throw the ball, but it should not exceed the line marking made. Who throws the farthest he wins.
  5. Limbo : Make the game fun for the birthday child from dancing limbo with a rope, then told the guests present line up and take turns passing the rope from below.
  6. Laughter game : Make a small circle, then told one of the children sitting in the middle of the circle, while the other children surrounding it should strive as much as possible to make a child sitting in the middle of the laugh or smile with funny whims. If a child laughs, then he must be replaced with another.
  7. Mask Parade Game : Set up markers, colored pencils, or anything that could be used to draw a mask made from a paper plate. Punch a hole through the plate for the eyes and mouth, two pairs of rubber on the right and left so that later can be used. Afterwards, tell the guests that are present in small groups and the creation decorate the mask. The most excellent creations he winner. You can also invite them to parade mask.
  8. Rotating objects : Set up any object, but is not as dangerous as a balloon or ball. Then told those present at the anniversary event in a big circle. Rotate the balloon or ball during the music goes, and stop suddenly. Children who received a balloon or ball when the music suddenly stops should be punished, for example, were told to sing.
  9. Balloon Tap : Prepare balloons and give each child one balloon to pat for a musical walk. The important thing balloon must not fall when being patted and music takes place, suddenly the music stopped and the balloon has to be recaptured. Those who managed to make the balloon did not fall during a game is the winner.
  10. Guessing games with prizes : a simple fun game to provide a puzzle or riddle that must be answered.Who managed to answer correctly will receive prizes.

That’s ten exciting games for birthday child that you can try to add to the excitement. Do not forget to read Tips for Preparing Kids Birthday Events

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