19 Benefits of Sunflowers, Sunflowers Efficacy as a medicinal plant

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is a plant that originated from North America and around 1919 began to be planted and cultivated in Indonesia. These plants are usually found in mountainous areas and also in areas which have a sufficient level of humidity and direct sunlight.

May hear sunflower, would spontaneously in our minds is sunflower seeds. Yes, flowers which have the seeds in the form of sunflower seeds, besides its nut for consumption are also often planted in the yard or in the garden because of the color and shape of flowers of these plants are quite beautiful, interesting, and some say this flower has the shape and color are funny, where the interests skin, forming a unity circle and in the center of the inherent seed spherical brown.

Not only beauty to be derived from this plant. The nature and content of the chemical which is good for the body makes almost the entire crop is beneficial for health or useful for the treatment.
In the flower contains helianthoside A, B and C, quercumeritin, oleanolat and also echinocystat. No chemical content in sunflower:

  • In the seed-containing prostaglandin E, quinat acid, chlorogenic acid, sitosterol, benzopyrene and phytin.
  • At 100 grams of sunflower seed oil contains 9.8 grams of saturated fat, unsaturated fat 72.9 grams of linoleic and oleic 11.7 grams, the rest contain cholesterol.


Benefits sunflower :

For external use

Can treat rheumatism

How to use is to boil the head of a sunflower to taste with 15 grams of red ginger until thickened. Then add a little water and stick it on the affected area after the herb cold rheumatism.

Can treat ulcers

How to use by way of roasting sunflower enough to brown. Shampoo then mash finely and mix with sesame oil to taste. Stick it on the affected part ulcers.

Treating mastitis

How use with grinding roasted sunflower refined results (bottom only). Stir with the addition of sesame oil to taste and apply on the affected part.

For use in

Can be used to treat headaches

How to use by boiling sunflowers, red ginger to taste and 1 chicken eggs are still intact (not broken). Wait until the water remaining half of the initial dose boil. After a cold strain the water to get part of the net. Drink 2X a day after meals. The eggs are to eat.

treating dizziness

How to use is by grinding sunflower seeds that have been roasted and peeled. After becoming a powder add sugar. Pour this medicine with boiling water and drink while warm.

Can treat toothache

By boiling the basis of sunflowers and red ginger with enough water to boil. Drink potions when still warm.
Can treat cough

By taking the center of the sunflower is still fresh. Boiled with sugar cubes and drink potions regularly.

Can cope with asthma or shortness of breath

How it’s used regularly by drinking boiled water sunflower and ginger.

Can treat high blood pressure

How to use is to boil the basis of sunflower, corn silk and sugar to taste. Wait until the water boiled only half. strain the cooking water and drink the potion while warm.

It can prevent gastric cancer

By way of diligent drinking boiled water is still fresh sunflower.

Can cope with stomach pain, ulcers and also bloating

The trick is to boil 300 grams of sunflower plant roots, 10 grams coriander, 10 grams of fennel and cardamom to taste. Strain and drink potions when warm.

Can treat abdominal pain and pain in the gut

Mashed root of the sunflower crop was dried into a fine powder. Brewed with boiling water and drink 3 times a day.

Overcoming difficult bowel and urination

You do this by boiling the root of the sunflower crop is still fresh, the leaves cat whiskers and sweet potato leaves to boiling water by half. after a cold strain and drink potions regularly.
Can overcome the infection in the urinary tract

You do this by regularly drinking water decoction of the root of the sunflower plant, bitter and leaves a spoon.

Treating abdominal pain during menstruation

How to use with regular drinking boiled water is still fresh sunflowers and brown sugar to taste.

Troubleshooting whitish

By boiling the central part of the stem sunflower with some red fruit and some fruit Angco Angco black. Strain and drink boiled water that has been filtered and angconya fruit to eat.
Overcoming limp after childbirth

You do this by boiling the center of the flower stems sun and drink boiled water on a regular basis.

Overcoming bleeding

Drinking boiled water sunflowers and lotus rhizome root 2X a day.

Treating hernia

By way of regularly drinking water decoction of the root of the sunflower plant orange seeds and dried mango seed.

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