9 Benefits And Benefits Bananas For Health

Banana is a fruit that is known widely in Indonesia, bananas can be enjoyed in many ways, directly in food, fried, steamed, or if the other ingredients together. But bananas are not only delicious, too many benefits.

Here are 9 properties for the health benefits of bananas

1. Helps Overcome Hypertension

Potassium contained in bananas can help regulate fluid and electrolyte balance so that the blood pressure remains stable. Fiber food ingredient contained in bananas can bind fat, thus the formation of plaque can be prevented. plaque can even clog blood vessels constrict, causing blood pressure to rise.

2. Source Carbohydrate And vitamin A

Bananas are rich in vitamins and fiber. when compared with apples, bananas have the more than doubling of carbohydrates, and five times the vitamin A, other than that bananas are also rich in magnesium and potassium essential for the body to stay in shape.

3. Banana Launcher Metabolism

No medicine, by eating bananas, you are having difficulty during defecation, can eat bananas treatment steps. because bananas can help expedite the disposal of the body’s metabolic processes.

4. Boost Immunity

you many activities and like to exercise? vitamins A, C, and B6 found in bananas to boost immunity against infection. so that the body will feel fresh and fast not limp.

5. Bananas As with Mood Food

What foods can make people feel happy? Yes, if foodstuffs that included “mood food” is food that encourages the formation of the hormone serotonin in the brain. This hormone causes feelings of pleasure.

6. For Skin Care

Bananas mixed with honey efficacious overcome skin too dry. This is also good for the skin care of the elderly, who tend to become dry. in addition, the banana is good for acne. how broke meat ripe bananas. then apply on the skin with acne. let stand for 15-30 minutes, then wash. doing a routine way to acne disappear.

7. Lose Weight

For a person who performs a diet, complex carbohydrates contained in bananas does not raise glucose levels drastically. in addition, the banana is also low in fat, making it safe for the participants weight loss program. In Japan there is a new diet trend: at least one and four bananas for breakfast. that he encourages the metabolism so that people do not need to exercise.

8. Healthy Bones

Eating bananas regularly can help heal the bone. Banana is one of the fruits contain manganese yagn quite high.

9. Overcome Anemia

One of the other important things in contain banana is iron. so the fruit is good for those who lack red blood. precisely to favor the formation of hemoglobin, or protein that contains iron.

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