Advantages of Using Google Adwords

Advantages of Using Google Adwords

In addition to Google itself as a company that has a very strong branding and is known as a big company, the reason that makes marketers use.

In Indonesia alone use google adwords promotion kursus google adwords system is growing in Indonesia, especially those already familiar with the use of computers and the Internet. There are many reasons why Google’s advertising system is so easy for advertisers compared with other forex advertising systems online promotion.

Here are 14 advantages / benefits of using Google Adwords:

1. Reach a wider market and the growing
Google Adwords can reach a very large market with local and international target market.Targeted market can be determined according to our products. Publisher that supports Google adwords in Indonesia growing every day due to incoming google publisher network more advantageous bsinis. Advantages of Using Google Adwords 2. Target ads that targetedGoogle Adwords customize the appearance of ads with keywords, relevancy, site placement, and the category of what we want.

3. Advertising is rapidly emerging
use of Google Adwords is a quick way to show our ads on Search Engine Result Page within minutes. Google Adwords is different denggan SEO, when using SEO results will be visible in a long process and could within months to be there in the SERP depends competition keywords that exist.

4. Metrics dashboard complete
Google Adwords provides a variety of metrics to measure the performance parameters of the campaign, such as clicks, impressions, CTR, Avg CPC and others.

5. Performance Tool can be combined with the performance of a website in Google Analytics
Google allows to link data coupled with google adwords analitycs, so the performance of existing campaign more measured against existing website content.

6. There Conversion tracking
Conversion tracking is a feature provided Adwords to help advertisers calculate how Lead or how many sales that have occurred in the campaign running.

7. Many Tools That Help
Google Adwords provides many tools on the dashboard, such as; keyword tools, traffic estimator, placement tool, etc.

8. Budget can be set as desired sale
Advertiser can specify the desired budget perday budget even in a single campaign.

9. The ads appear can be scheduled
to perform precision productive audience, advertisers can schedule your ads appear in the media.

10. The Advertiser can do the bidding on the ad position
To place your ad position better and to do effesiensi budget, Google Adwords allows advertisers to bid / max bidding specify keywords, placement, etc. as desired.

11. The existence of a budget adjustment for the budget that has been running
Budget adjustment is the adjustment of the unused budget due to error or abuse on Adwords advertising, so that the budget is to be replaced or returned to the advertiser account.Budget Adjustment will continue to run at the beginning of the campaign runs den continue to run even though the campaign is over.

12. Advertiser obtained select the desired network
Adwords provides some networks, such as Search, display, and video ad, all of which can determine the effectiveness of the existing campaign.

13. Search Engine Google is the biggest
Because Google is currently the largest Search Engine it allows a larger number of audience than similar providers. It is an appeal to advertise on Google.

14. Dashboard Adwords is easy to understand
Dashboard Adwords continues to change the display in accordance with the addition of products and innovation are removed, making it easy to read and understand by the advertiser.

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