Ciater Hot Springs, Outdoor Fun To Spend Time with Family

Abroad, a hot water bath is one of the favorite locations to spend a day off once a week to work late. With a soak in the hot water bath , the body feels tired could be more fresh.

Hot spring is not too expensive, so it can be enjoyed by many. One of the locations hot spring is famous in Indonesia and among the foreign tourists are Ciater Hot Springs. You may also like Metropolises in Japan

Ciater Hot Springs is located in in District Ciater, Subang regency, West Java . Precisely at the border between the city of Bandung and Subang, also adjacent to the city Lembang .

If you are outside the city of Bandung , the city can go ahead with using the services of the airline or can also overland which can be reached by train. If you are of Jakarta can use private vehicles.

For those who depart from Jakarta can take the route Jakarta – Ciater which can be reached by two routes namely through the Peak (212 km) or the Cikampek toll lanes – Bekasi (185 km).

In the 1960s a powerful grandfather named Mbah Ebos trying to clear land in the region. Forest areas previously considered haunted by many people converted to settlements and named Ciater which means “gushing”. This is where the origin of the name of Ciater.

In 1968, the government Subang saw potential hot here, so the location is then developed by the administration in Subang as tourist sites by cooperating with the Revenue.

To get into the tourist areas Ciater hot water bathing , you must pay a fee of 15,000 rupees. For tickets hot water pemandaian paid separately. The price offered to enjoy a soak in the hot tubs began 20,000 to Rp. 80,000 rupiah, depending on where you want the pool as a place to bathe.

Ciater Hot Springs is a hot water bath that has a lot to suck the tourists both domestically and abroad. Therefore, here provided a fairly complete facilities such as Ciater Spa Resort, Puspa Sari Hotel, Spa and Restaurant and Gracia Spa Resort Hotel.

In Ciater Hot Springs is also available playground for children , outbound locations, camping ground, fishing pond, as well as sports facilities. You can also organize events in this tourist location because in a hot water bath is provided a conference room with a spacious dining area.

About Ciater Hot Springs
Ciater Hot Springs is located not far from Mount Tangkuban Perahu . The hot water generated in the baths is also derived from the active crater of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Water flowing from the crater of the mountain is not only up to the swimming baths, but also used as irrigation.

The water in the tourist spot has calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulfate, thermo, minerals, and hypertherma and high levels of aluminum and high acidity is 38.5 equiv percent and a pH of 2.45. The temperature of the hot water coming from the springs Ciater ranging between 43-46 degrees Celsius. While the water that has flowed into the swimming baths have a temperature of between 37-42 degrees Celsius.

With a sulfur content and a perfect composition, the hot water in the bath is believed to cure skin diseases, and also as a means of therapy for arthritis, neurological disorders and bone.
In addition, the hot water in the bath can also be used as a cure paralysis due to stroke and high blood pressure. Because of this the last property-property, the manager also provides therapies to treat these diseases.

Hot springs in Ciater Hot Spring is available in several locations. With an area of 30 hectares, the hot water bath can be enjoyed in the form of a simple pond to bathe alone, and also a special area for swimming. You can soak in the hot tub while enjoying the beauty of the mountains nan refresh the eyes.

For those of you who want to soak in the atmosphere, more private, there are also special rooms where you can soak more freely. As for you who want to spend the night here, bungalow facilities are also available.

You lovers of water activities ? In addition to soaking, here you can enjoy paddle boats, or more extreme like rafting. You can also do other sports such as tennis, basketball, mini golf, volleyball, karting, and horse riding.

After a long soak in hot water, of course, makes you feel hungry. Sate and rabbit stew is one dish that you should try . Both menus are typical Ciater menu mainstay. Certainly engrossed not eat soup and satay rabbit in the middle of beautiful mountain scenery. Before going home and re struggling with daily kativitas your self to shop pineapple is the fruit of civic pride Subang.

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