How to maintain good health and True Vagina Part 2

6. Avoid wearing tight pants or jeans

Tight jeans will make Mrs. V hot and sweaty fast. Sweat is “delicious food”, both fungal and bacterial pathogens around the vagina. When forced to use tights, crystal x asli try not a full day with interspersed premises loose clothing at home to provide air circulation and that the blood back smoothly to minimize the growth of mold.

7. Use pantyliner

Pantyliner should use only when excessive mucus indeed. If you must use, should be replaced after every pantyliner BAK and BAB and do not use it in a day. Pantyliner liquid being stored on it will only make the vagina too humid most likely to fertilize the growth of fungi. Choose pantyliner that does not contain perfume. Common chemical substances contained in perfumes can trigger allergies, especially for those who have sensitive skin. Allergic reactions can be in the form of itching or exacerbate vaginal discharge.

8. Shaving pubic hair (pubis)

Actual pubic hair on mrs V is useful for protecting the vagina, but for women who have dense fur extra advised to reduce or shave. Vaginal hair that is too thick can withstand, which in turn can trigger the development of the fungus. No need until exhausted, quite simply dangling or adjacent to the genital lips.

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9. Do not use powder

Powder consisting of fine particles are easily tucked away and stick to your intimate organ, which in the end it will invite fungi and bacteria to nest. So it’s best to avoid the use of powder in the female sex organs, especially if only for the purpose so fragrant. Also, do not use other fragrances or perfumes .

10. Choosing a good bandage

Bandages good is absorbent and soft feel when worn. This is in order to reduce the occurrence of skin irritation to the vaginal area. Avoid using pads that given the perfume, because this would be irritating to the sensitive skin. Chemicals contained in perfumes can make the vagina become irritated and itchy.

11. Do not scratch it

Scratching is not only not good aesthetically, but also bad for health. Do not scratch your sex organs anything. Rinsing with warm water is also not recommended, because of the way it can actually make the skin around the vagina becomes red and itching became so.The best way is to compress the vagina with ice water, so that the blood vessels around the sex organs shrink, so the color red and the itch disappears. Other healthy natural alternative is to wash the vagina by using boiled water that has cooled betel . Can also use a PK that is mixed with cold water, with a good dose is one teaspoon of water a bucket of medium size. Use of PK with improper dosage can burn skin and will make it dry and brown.

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