Tips for you who can not Swim but still be able to enjoy the beach and the sea

You admit the son of the beach, but can not swim? May be many who are surprised by it. But don’t get discouraged just yet, there is no rule that a connoisseur of the beach and sea of it must be able to swim. There are still a lot of fun things that you can do to enjoy a time of on the beach. Maybe you are not brave enough to dive and unveil life under the sea directly, but it does not mean you can’t see the fish, until the turtles swim. Even the beauty of coral reefs inhabited by many types of marine life also you can see with my own eyes.

So, please do not hesitate to come to the beach. Indonesia is a maritime country with thousands of cool beach. It’s a shame really, if you are not mengeksplornya to the maximum. Feel the wind blowing and the sensation passed through sand. Here are a few ways to enjoy the beach and sea for you are not good at swimming.

1. Fishing
Are you fishing here is fish and other seafood, not the fishing problem Yes. You dont need to be able to swim kok to throw bait and wait there are no predators, because you can rely on tools fishing rod, instead pursuing fish by means of a dip. His place could be on the edge of the beach, or into the middle of the sea. So, you can hire a local fishing boat and headed to a location considered by many fish.

Various factors affect the success of fishing. The weather is the closest thing to watch out for, because bad Agen Judi Bola weather such as rain or storm, so fishing is not the right choice. There are some famous fishing spots Indonesia. Starting from Weh Island, Mentawai Island, Riau Islands, to the Banda Sea and Halmahera.

2. Parasailing
Parasailing or paralayar is one of the very exciting water sports and tempt anyone to try it. Though its kind water sport is, but you’re not going to swim or explore what’s in the sea, but flying in the air. Yes, you will be invited to use special parachute can fly to the sky because it is pulled by a vehicle like a speedboat. In fact I was so popular, it is also a lot of parasailing is done on the ground.

Of course in order for the parachute can fly, drawn with ground vehicles. You can come to Bali and some other areas in order to try. There are two types of sports parasailing. The first is a single parasail, where only one person is withdrawn. In addition, the place of flying and landing on the beach. While the second adventure was parasailing. Not just one, but it could take two to three people at once. Flying and landing place is not in the sand of the beach, but on a boat.

3. Seawalker
Want to see beautiful fish with a variety of shapes and sizes, but you can not swim? Forget the reserved diving with all equipment such as oxygen tubing or kataknya shoes. You can immerse yourself in the ocean without it all. Here’s how to do that, the term seawalker used for strolls at sea. Of course with the help of a tool such as a waterproof helmet associated with oxygen hose.

The maximum depth of the fitting to seawalker no more than 6 meters, so the pressure is not too high. In addition there are stairs and can be used for cross-holding. Places that provide this cool facility of which is Tanjung Benoa Beach, Sanur Beach, and the beach of running amok.

4. Flying Fish
It is the flying fish, is one of challenging water sports. You can lean on a boat. Then it will be pulled by a speedboat. High speed will make the boat fly off into the sky. Similar to parasailing. It just has to be done by two or three people to a boat so balanced.

Not only that, the higher the minimum of people who can do this is 150 cm. So that the hands can hold the rope at the top of the head that serves as a handle. If it is really curious and want to try Flying Fish, you can come to the beach in Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, Bali.

5. Camp out
Do it at home, even if out in the hotel. But there are exciting sensations that will you feel if you try camping. Of course, different from living in a house or a luxury lodging. Because you are just relying on tents and improvised equipment. However, it is thus so interesting things. Enjoy nature in a simple manner, but it can get super comfort special.

You can invite friend or people nearby. Then have fun and make fun memories together. The beach is the location of the camp. The sea breeze to the sound of the waves will become its own entertainment, especially if you get a chance look at the sky full of stars during nighttime, it’s an exciting vacation experience isn’t it?
That’s some of the fun activities that you can do. In addition to donating , also makes you fresher and healthier. So wait, yuk immediately to the beach.

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