Tips to Maintaining Healthy Vagina Naturally

The outside of the female organs, especially the vagina or commonly called by the term vagina is the most humid when compared with other parts of the body. This causes the intimate area very susceptible to infection especially fungal and bacterial infections.Therefore, crystal x we must always keep his health condition.


There are many easy ways to maintain the health of the vagina naturally and you can do everyday. Here are tips on maintaining the health of the vagina naturally that has been packed by a team .

1. Clean the vagina through to completion

The main requirement to maintain healthy sex organs girl is a habit to clean the vagina until it is completely clean. You must also consider how to clean the vagina is correct, ie wipe from front to rear, so that contamination of the bad bacteria from the anus not to miss V.

Once the condition of Miss V is completely clean, immediately dry using a tissue that is not easily torn and sterile or dry cloth. When drying, try also the direction of movement from front to back.

2. Do not let the moist

Before wearing panties, make sure the condition of the vagina is completely dry, because if you’re wearing underwear in a state of the vagina is wet, the moisture will be retained in a longer time and can increase the risk of skin fungal attack.

3. Change underwear regularly

Change your underwear at least 2 times a day – for example when you have finished bathing in the morning and afternoon showers. This is important because the panties worn for too long will become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi evil that can bring a sense of itching in the Miss V.

Also, choose a CD that has a good fabric, such as cotton cloth. Avoid using underwear made of polyester or nylon fabric, for clothing materials like these can not absorb moisture or sweat perfectly.

To prevent irritation, avoid too panties have lace or corners sharp stitches.

4. Pantyliner or pads

If you use pantyliner or are menstruating, you should replace pantyliner or pads that you use every 3 or 4 hours. If you’re in a state of menstruation are many, it is advisable to change the bandage every 2 hours.

Pantyliner or pads are also a medium that supports the proliferation of bacteria and fungi that can cause problems in the area of femininity.

5. Use the right soap

Avoid soap femininity that have fragrances or detergents, as they can kill good bacteria and can cause vaginal discharge. Use a gentle soap female organs, pH or acidity of the right, and made from natural ingredients such as milk, betel leaf extract, and so forth.

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pH feminine area has a value which leads to acidity, while the bath soaps have alkaline pH.Therefore, never use soap to clean the vagina, because it can kill the natural flora in the area stabilizing Miss V.

Similarly compilation of tips to maintain health vagina naturally and easy and you can do every day. May be useful and do not forget to click like / share ya!

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